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How to eat happy

How to eat happy

With the rise of fad diets, ‘clean eating’ and Instagram influencers providing all sorts of #goals, it’s easy to have an odd relationship with food. The most important thing is that you eat what makes you happy. If that means having a bar of choccy after dinner then so be it! Eating happy is more important than eating ‘clean’ – that’s why we’ve compiled our top tips so you can eat, and live, happy.

Try something different

Do you always walk past the oriental shopping aisle? Or perhaps, there is a vegetable that you can’t even pronounce let alone know how to cook. Well, it’s time to deep dive into the unknown and give something new a go. Grab a mangosteen, pomelo, or even a tomberry next time you’re in the supermarket. Combine them into a recipe you know and love or go wild and find a new recipe to whet your appetite. eat-happy

Choose ‘feel good’ food

We all love a pint of ice cream but does it make you feel good after? Chances are it probably doesn’t (or if it does, it isn’t for very long!). That’s why you should eat foods that make you feel good in the long-term. That doesn’t mean a sad salad, far from it! Eat more wholesome and hearty foods that fill your belly and soul with happiness – a nourishing stew with our No Drain Rice never fails to make us happy.

Get scientific

Don’t know what food makes you feel good? Let science fill your basket. Since vitamin D is a mood booster, choose mushrooms or eggs for a pick-me-up. Alternatively, try dark, leafy vegetables such as kale to get your vitamin B fix – that’s the one that gives you energy. Looking for something sweet? According to a 2009 American Chemical Society trial, dark chocolate can ease emotional stress. As if we needed another excuse to eat chocolate!

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