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Hate hitting the gym? You can always try something different.

Hate hitting the gym? You can always try something different.

There is absolutely no reason to think that if you don’t hit the gym, you can’t stay fit. For those who don’t like working out in a gym, there are countless other options that are available to get in shape. Some of these alternatives aren’t even falling under the nomenclature of ‘Exercises’ to be exact. So, don’t let anything stop you from indulging in these fun-filled, energetic activities and getting the essential health benefits. Cool down with swimming Swimming is a great way to burn your calories while being totally chilled out. A weight training and a jog at the park can be rewarding but not as rejuvenating as a dip at a pool. Swimming strengthens your heart, your core, arms, back and legs essentially upgrading your whole body. Pump up your energies with cycling If running in a treadmill or sweating it out on an exercise bike does not motivate you, it’s time to get real. Put on your shoes, and hit the road. You can try the traditional running/Jogging or if you fancy a bike, start pedalling till your fats lose the fight. Cycling is a great way to collaborate with peers too. As a group activity, cycling can also be the perfect way to break the monotony and get some fresh air.
Hate hitting the gym? You can always try something different.
Loosen up and max out your confidence levels with dancing The perks of dancing as an exercise are excitingly huge. And, the forms of dancing are interestingly diverse to choose from. Zumba, Hip-hop, Salsa or ballet, dancing can burn the same amount of calories as jogging. The best thing about dancing is that while you can join a dance club and learn some cool dance moves,  you can also dance at the comfort of your own home and find your own jam. Dancing is all about loosening up and getting your youthful strength and confidence back. Get your spirits up with some sports Do you miss the days of working out with a sports team at school? If you realise that competition is a great motivator for you to get your body rolling, nothing is stopping you from joining an adult sports league. Be it Volleyball, Basketball or Soccer, maybe what you have always wanted is to be part of a team. Practicing and competing can put the imminent purpose back into the equation, inspiring you to get fit. Melt down your calories with hiking If you are an adventurous soul and hate going to a gym to exercise, maybe hiking is your thing. Hiking covers almost every part of your body including legs, knees, ankles, arms, hips, abdominals, shoulders and neck. What’s more, hiking could also help sharpening your mind by creating awareness and wakefulness in your ears, eyes and other senses. With the right equipments and thoughtful coaching, hiking could be your perfect getaway fitness solution. There are more and more creative activities that can get you fit, while being incredibly enjoyable. Maybe the kind of workout that suits you could be Fencing, Gardening, Yoga, Hula hoops, Kick boxing or Trampolines. Standing before a mirror and taking a selfie of your chiseled abs after an intense workout at the gym does not have to be everybody’s idea of getting fit. Explore and find the fitness activity that fits you!

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