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Autumn is here! Warm your cockles with these seasonal foods.

Autumn is here! Warm your cockles with these seasonal foods.

Autumn – beautiful colours, falling leaves, a brisk chill in the air, and more importantly all the delish food! We took a look at the fruits and veggies that are in season so you can not only eat healthily but eat seasonally too. Pumpkin We might love a pumpkin spice latte now and again, but its nothing compared to the real thing! They contain so many goodies including antioxidants, beta-carotene, and vitamin C perfect for a winter immune boost. If you’re carving one for Halloween, don’t forget to take the seeds out and roast them with a little salt. Then, use the pumpkin meat for soups, sides, and even cakes! Kale Every health bloggers favourite food, Kale. The leafy green has been transformed into a must-have veg and we can’t get enough of it! Raw kale is full of nutrients, low in calories, high in fibre, and has no fat. Stick it in your morning smoothie, or add it to Slim Pasta Spaghetti and chilli for a simple supper. kale-vegetables-brassica-oleracea-var-sabellica-l-51372 Brussels Sprouts Love them or hate them, the classic Brussels spout is in season this month. They hold so many benefits including vitamin B6, fibre, omega-3, and manganese. That might not be enough for you to try them so why not fry some bacon and onion with them. Or, hide them in a cheese and Slim Pasta Penne bake! Rocket More formally known as Arugula, this peppery salad staple contains more nitrate than most other leafy greens. Nitrate can help lower blood pressure, plus rocket contains folic acid. With rocket as your base, throw a handful of leafy greens together along with some vegetables and Slime Pasta Penne for a healthy lunch. Apples Ah, the humble apple, so simple but with so many uses. There are even restaurants dedicated to apples! The benefits vary on which variety you choose but on the whole apples have high amounts of vitamin C, B complex (which are great for energy), and potassium. Use them in chutneys, smoothies, or just have one as a snack!

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