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Easy ways to avoid sugar in your diet

Easy ways to avoid sugar in your diet

Everybody loves sweet stuff but too much can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and in the worst cases diabetes. That’s not to scare you. It’s totally okay to have a fizzy drink or a choccy bar once in a while but it’s keeping a balance with you eating that is important. Sugar can often be in products you would never have thought. It is this type of sugar you need to avoid; the sneaky sugar. Here are ways that you can avoid the white stuff and feel healthier in no time.

Avoid pre-made sauces

Jars of sauce like those for meat or pasta are packed with sugar. Dolmio smooth tomato sauce has over 8 grams of sugar in, that’s 10% of your daily amount! While you can get jars with reduced sugar it is better to batch make a simple sauce that you can rely on. Simply simmer tinned tomatoes and herbs together for a quick sauce. Then, pour your sauce over any of our Slim Cooking products which are also sugar-free! too much sugar

Trick your tummy

There are numerous ways to make your body think it is having the sweet stuff without actually eating it. Tea, for example, is a great alternative to fizzy drinks. Opt for a naturally sweet tea like rooibos or peppermint. Tea is low in sugar and has virtually zero calories so it always makes a good replacement for sugar-laden drinks. You can also trick your tummy by using non-toxic sweeteners like stevia and xylitol. They have an acquired taste but they are great for baking and adding to drinks if you do fancy a sweet something.

Throw away the cereal

Cereal is very high in sugar. Even some mueslis have high sugar content. While bran-based products are often better than, say, Coco Pops, they still have sugar included. Check the ingredients on the boxes and find a cereal that you are comfortable with. If you want to scrap the cereal then give protein-packed brekkies like eggs, and peanut butter a go.

Swap the snacks

Move over crisps and choccy, it’s time for snacks that aren’t full of sugar. Nuts are always a good bet and dark chocolate isn’t that bad if you really want to treat yourself. Hummus and veggies are low in sugar and can be super filling, too. Don’t be afraid to reach for fruit either. Natural sugar is fine in reasonable amounts. Plus, it’s one of your five-a-day!

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