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How to celebrate National Vegetarian Week

How to celebrate National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week 2018 runs from 14-20th May. It’s a week dedicated to all the delicious and exciting veggie food. To help you make the most of it, we’ve combined tips and recipes to help you avoid your vegetarian week going pear-shaped. Get it?

Try a new dish

There is no matter time to crack out that recipe book you got last Christmas and try a new dish! Don’t have a cookbook lying around? Give some of our healthy veggie recipes a go. Our fav is the Slim Pasta Penne with avocado and ricotta. It’s fresh, quick, and tasty enough for all the family.

Cook for friends

Use the week to get as an excuse to get some friends around cook a delicious meal. Some meat-eaters may not realise how tasty veggie food can be; show them how it is done. You may even convince a few to join you for a vegetarian week! national vegetarian week

Share your journey

Whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian or just trying it, share your journey on social media or just with friends. You may inspire some to become vegetarian or at the very least find someone who has some great veggie tips and recipes.

Do it for you and the world

During the week remember that having a vegetarian lifestyle can not only help you reduce the risk of many disease including obesity and cardiovascular disease but it also impacts the world. The Worldwatch Institute estimates that 51% of greenhouse-gas emissions is a result of “livestock and their by-products”. Good for you body, good for the earth.

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