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The best gifts for foodies

The best gifts for foodies

It’s nearly Christmaaaaas! It’s the most wonderful time of year and sometimes the most stressful. If you’re racking your brains trying to find a present for a foodie friend then look no further. We’ve compiled some great gifts for your mates who are always thinking about their next meal, even if they’ve just eaten.

Homemade Hamper

Ready-made hampers are no fun. They always have the same old products in. We recommend purchasing a basket, pad with tissue paper, and fill with goodies your friend would love. Miniature bottles of their favourite spirt, a few funky flavoured chutneys, and a pack of Slim Noodles (of course!) would work brilliantly.

Set of Glasses

A good foodie enjoys having dinner parties and what is a party without wine?! A set of wine glasses or tumblers will be a welcomed addition to anyone’s cupboard. You can pick up affordable sets on the high street or opt for crystal ones for something extra special. eat-water-present

Pasta Roller

Cooking up pasta is quick, simple, and delicious but has your foodie friend ever made pasta from scratch? It’s not as hard as you think and requires something as simple as a pasta roller. Why not add a ravioli stamp to the gift and watch as your friend cooks fresh pasta right in front of your eyes!


Foodies are always in the market for some luxury herbs, spices, and seasoning. No, we’re not talking about salt and pepper, we’re thinking high-quality turmeric and locally-sourced dried basil. The great thing about spices is they are inexpensive and can be given in a set or in addition to another gift. Great for secret Santa foodies!

Homemade Food!

Bakes, sauces, jams, you name it, a foodie will love. Homemade food isn’t just fun and affordable, it’s often more thoughtful than a shop-bought gift. Make a chutney and gift with a selection of cheese for a seasonal treat any foodie would love.

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