It’s not that tough a choice!

We read of so many fads and exercise routines and can become quite confused by them. And what’s more, there are now a whole line-up of combination workouts like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Aerobic Pilates, and the like. One question that many beginners new to exercising are faced with is the choice between Pilates and […]

Stop smoking and smell the roses

We wish you all a happy and Slim 2016! The start of a new year is also resolution time. So, if you have decided to quit smoking, or know a friend or relative who wants to, you’re on the right page. We’ve put down pointers on how to beat nicotine addiction.

You are in control

We firmly believe in moderation; most weight control programmes fail because of starvation that invariably leads to binge-eating. It’s simple, really – the number of calories you consume determines your weight. It follows that smaller portions of food mean less calories and hence better weight control. We humans are such visual creatures aren’t we? If […]

A full meal by itself – Mie Goreng!

You’re going to love this one! This dish combines precooked meat and seafood. If you don’t like meat, double up on the prawns or use a combination of prawns and mussels. Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients – it’s a very easy dish to prepare and makes a wholesome and tasty […]

Keep a festive table!

We’re really excited and know you must be as well! Christmas and New Year’s are just ’round the corner and you’ve probably begun playing carols and decorating your home. So we thought we’d put together some ideas on keeping a beautiful – as well as healthy – table this festive season. You’d be amazed at […]

Slim for the festive season!

With Christmas and New Year’s just round the corner, we know there are lots of parties and celebrations to look forward to. Of course, food and drink are synonymous with these festivities – stuffed turkey, mince pies and rich gravies, sinfully tempting trifles, puddings and cakes… yum-yum! It’s also the time to dress up and […]

Add some zing to your diet with Rice and Feta Stuffed Peppers!

So, what’s cooking? Same ol’, same ol’? Is monotony getting to you and you’re running out of ideas of how to make nutritious food taste yummy too? We understand, so we’re back with our recipe of the month – this time with all the goodness of Slim Rice. It’s easy, quick to make and great to […]

Foods that boost your metabolism in winter

So, in the last post, we talked of the best foods for staying healthy in autumn. Unless you are involved in an active winter sport like skiing or ice-skating, isn’t it tempting to curl up with a hot cuppa and a nice snack? It’s true that you tend to exercise less as the weather gets […]

The Best Foods for Fall!

We tend to naturally turn towards carby, creamy treats as the weather gets colder – they provide solace, comfort and general deliciousness, after all, and our bodies do require extra calories to stay warm. But there are plenty of ways to get those calories – so why not chow down on these delicious foods that […]

Gorge Yourself on Nature’s Multivitamin

Our parents spent their childhoods downing egg after delicious egg. And then came the Big Cholesterol Scare. Suddenly, eggs were dangerous. You might eat half an egg with your breakfast, but definitely not more than one. Or you’d guzzle whites but throw away the yolks (oh, the wastage!) Then, we figured two at a time […]

The Best Hot (and Cold!) Drinks for Your Diet

You’ve all probably been told that the absolute best drink for you, from a health standpoint, is water. That’s absolutely true. Being made up of over 70% water, our bodies need replenishing on a daily basis! Not drinking enough water can lead to a host of health difficulties, ranging from skin issues to kidney stones […]

The best fats and oils for cooking

A lot of people think that all oils are plain unhealthy, and try to eliminate cooking with them as much as possible. However, this is definitely not the way to go, as your body needs a good dose of the beneficial fats you get in those oils! Ideally, you should cook with oils and fats […]

Low-carb, high-fat diets – fad or fab?

In the last few years, we’ve discovered that many things we believed about foods are untrue. For example, fats are actually good for you, and in fact, cutting out essential fats can cause your body to function abnormally, bringing on disease and making you gain(!) weight, among other things. That’s why high-fat/low carb or ketogenic […]

It’s not just WHAT you eat – it’s HOW!

Your parents probably scolded you for bolting your food as a child, and told you to take smaller bites and chew properly. That’s good advice, not just because shovelling your food down is bad table manners (you may not care about that anymore!) but because it’s overall better for your digestion…and your waistline. Now, are […]

How to keep your meals interesting

How many of you have made resolutions to eat healthy, and then given up because making ‘diet food’ is just…too…hard? You either spend a fortune trying to buy healthier ingredients you spend a lot more time cooking, or you end up eating the same three dishes over and over and over. Boredom can be the […]

How breakfast can help you lose weight

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times – eating breakfast helps you lose weight. And it’s absolutely true. However, one of the leading bad eating habits of our time is skipping breakfast – and, aside from a whole host of other problems it can lead to, that habit will definitely cause you to gain a […]

How a regular sleep schedule helps you shed kilos

The modern life is a busy one. There’s never quite enough hours in the day to get everything done. When you have to juggle the pressures of work, family and other responsibilities, it’s hard to make time for yourself to relax and do the things you like doing. When there are so many demands on […]

Reduce, Replace, Recover!

The thought of ‘eating healthy’ usually brings to mind feelings of deprivation, biting hunger from crash diets, and other unpleasant things that can overshadow all the many pros – more energy, slimmer waistlines, better skin, etc. You’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’, and it makes sense, really – you only get […]

Why water really is ‘the elixir of life’

Most of us take water for granted. After all, how often are we short of it? But imagine going just a day without any water at all. You wouldn’t be able to brush your teeth, have a bath, have a cool drink of water when you’re thirsty, do your laundry, water your plants, cook, make […]

Get glowing with our Glowing Green Smoothie!

We’re back with another great low-fat recipe from our cookbook, Cook Yourself Slim! If you’re getting bored of the same old recipes, wondering how to cook Slim Pasta, Rice and Noodles, or just need more food you can have on the go, this one’s for you. If you’re trying to eat healthier and watch your […]