Dinner Dinner on the wall! Who’s the fittest of them all?

A full stomach on just a handful of calories? No it’s not an urban myth or a shady website banner click bait. The following foods can help you stay full without piling up on calories. Enjoy mixing up these with your favourite Eat Water products and enjoy a satisfying meal throughout the day. Watermelons:  Not […]


The greens, the reds, the blues…we’re not referring to the colours of the rainbow. We’re talking about all those wonderful shades present in the foods we eat. Nature has come up with its own style of colour coding foods that excel in a particular set of nutrients. Here’s a handy guide that will turn you […]

Plan to plan your meals

Planning for meals, to many may seem unimportant; but ultimately the entire activity of buying, preparing and consuming food does take time. So to those for whom time is not be a luxury (and this includes most of us), planning to plan your meals is important to controlling how your week goes. Picture the week […]

Warm up to winter runs

Winter, spring, summer or fall; all you gotta do is call… upon tips and tricks that enable you achieve your personal best, even during those dank winter days. Here are a few that will help orient your prep thinking. There’s nobody like a good running buddy Finding a good running buddy, is great inspiration, motivation […]

Fat to Fit: A Fighter’s Guide

Research says 50% of women report that within six months, they gain back any weight they’ve managed to shed. Many have dieted so many times they’ve lost count. The battle against fat, now has a couple of new weapons in its arsenal.Fat burns fatThere’s more than one type of fat in your body. White fat, […]

Diet myths cooked up by mama, the media and mystery research

None of us have been immune to diet myths that have accumulated in our thinking over time. Some of these we have inherited, as did our parents, during the process of growing up. Some have been so repeatedly perpetuated by the media and diet gurus, that we have come to believe they are actually true. […]

Dietary Musings for 2017

Year endings and beginnings, send food and diet blogs into a whirlwind of hyperactivity. Food forecasters spin different versions of what the future could hold in store. The elephant in the room is that uneasy feeling of being overwhelmed,confused and asphyxiated around the swirl of dietary advice being churned out. Take a deep breath and […]

A study on healthy eating for students

Tips and tricks on eating well as a student are awesome, specially when time, space and money is limited! And to top it all, when you’re trying to stretch your student loan. It’s really a challenge to create bright, colorful, healthy meals that fit into a busy life on a student budget.Here are a few […]

Sensible holiday eating (and, of course drinking): Part 1

Let’s not kid ourselves; maintaining pre-holiday diets during these days is a loosing battle. But it needn’t be adding to your waistline bulge, if these sensible, science-backed tips are followed Eat before indulging The proverbial “save your appetite” for until the feast myth, is akin to living in fools paradise, wherever that may be. Skipping […]

The weighty question of holiday eating

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day 2017, presents many wonderful opportunities for quality family and friend time, which in parallel makes achieving your diet and nutrition goals challenging. Roast turkey or goose, Brussels sprouts, rich nutty stuffing, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, tiny sausages wrapped in bacon (pigs in blankets) and lashings of hot […]

Warm foods for winter

It’s long been known that foods are classified as either warming, cooling, or balanced/neutral. Ancient traditional Chinese medicine practitioners used specific foods to balance the body’s yin and yang, and treat disease.  Eating cooling foods, contributes a cooling effect to your body; while warm foods contribute to warming effects to your body. Now that winter is here, it’s time for being inside, specially […]

Clean eating – It’s a diet that’s not a diet

It’s nothing to do with eating less food. It’s not about about self-denial. It’s nothing to do with avoiding certain kinds of foods. On the contrary, it include a lil’ sugar, and spice and all things nice. But evidence suggests that it can help you lose weight, boost your health, and even your looks into […]

Wearable devices and the weight loss conundrum

If you’re on a long-term healthy diet or exercise program, you’ve perhaps considered tracking your activity with a wearable device. Considering the research that’s emerging on the subject, this may not lead to additional weight loss. Spread over 24 months, the study discovered that people using wearable activity trackers lost 5.29lbs less than a similarly […]

Food Facts, Fads, Fantasy

Healthy eating has become somewhat of a top-of-mind thing in our times. We are constantly besieged with information that often times hinges on subjective claims, or seemingly simplistic solutions that claim to keep you slim, active, and energetic. Amidst this info-deluge, what separates the facts, fads and fantasy from pure fiction. Here are a few […]

What to eat, when you’re not eating Eat Water : Part 1

Now that fall is here, seasonal veggies like pumpkins, turnips, Brussels sprouts, squash, and apples are back in food fashion (if one may say so). Not only are these produce delicious, but they’re also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. So get goin’, and get something cooking! Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Capers […]

Fighting Fit in 2016

‘Why do we do a feature like this during the second half of a calendar year?’, is probably what you’re thinking about, even as you read this. Reason is, the plethora of the crystal ball gazers at the beginning of the year for virtually every trend under the sun bound. Most people soon forget these […]

Uber Healthy Foods

You’ve seen them on healthful store shelves. You’ve seen them being widely written about – online and off. You’ve seen them on restaurant menus. They seem to be popping up virtually everywhere, long before the Pokemon wave. Like Pokemon, these uber-healthy food trends are also making waves. Let’s dive right in and unpack their benefits, […]

Cycle to Work (Every) Day

Most people choose to cycle to work, as a means of getting or staying in shape. As the UK once again celebrated ‘Cycle To Work Day’ on September 14th, many more would have joined the cycle trails. Whatever be the stats, cycling to work is a great way to exercise and keep fit. The celebrations […]

Top of the organic trend charts

Going by trend experts, predictions at the beginning of 2016 for the big-ticket organic food trends, seem to be coming true.  Moringa Here’s a riddle: what has 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges, 4 times more calcium than milk, 4 times more Vitamin A than carrots, and 3 times more potassium than bananas? It’s […]

The ends qualify the trends

Five fitness trends with specific end results Gone are the days when fitness fads become trends because, just because a celeb or a sports jock promotes it. Fitness trends today pack a punch, precisely because they help you achieve particular end-objectives and inspire you to commit to them. Here’s a round-up of the hottest new […]