Happy Spaghetti Day!

It’s our favourite day of the year, Spaghetti Day! That’s right, every January 4th we celebrate the wonder that is spaghetti. It’s one of the world’s favourite dishes, everyone can create a fresh and funky spaghetti with little experience. But what do you know about the history of our stringy little friend? We took a […]

What to do with your Christmas leftovers

You’ve eaten copious amounts of roast potatoes, gorged on Christmas pudding, and inhaled plates of veggies. Now it’s that lovely time between Christmas and New Year where you eat all the leftovers and enjoy all your new gifts. If you’re bored of turkey sandwiches, here’s a list of things you can do with your Chrismas leftovers. Leftover Canapés […]

The best gifts for foodies

It’s nearly Christmaaaaas! It’s the most wonderful time of year and sometimes the most stressful. If you’re racking your brains trying to find a present for a foodie friend then look no further. We’ve compiled some great gifts for your mates who are always thinking about their next meal, even if they’ve just eaten. Homemade […]

Make the most of your lunch breaks

Do you find yourself slumped over a desk at 1PM? Stop replying to those emails and make the most of your lunch breaks at work! Sitting down for too long can cause a multitude of health problems, plus a lack of sunlight can make you feel sluggish and grumpy. Take a Walk It’s time you swap […]

How not to burn the turkey, and other top Christmas tips!

Children running around the house, Mariah Carey on repeat, 101 things in rotation through the oven. Christmas might be fun, but it can be stressful. Make your day run a bit smoother with these tips and tricks to help you have a calming Christmas! The Turkey Overcooking the turkey isn’t a huge mistake but it […]

How to stay healthy this Winter

As the air continues to cool and the days get shorter, it’s often hard to keep up your usual healthy routine. Not to mention the bombardment of mince pies and other seasonal treats during Winter! Everyone finds it a bit harder when its cold to motivate themselves but it is useful to remind yourself that […]

Celebrate World Vegan Day!

Every November the world celebrates Vegan Day! Whether you’re a seasoned veggie or a lover of meat, why not try being vegan for the day. Grab a soya latte and a dairy-free brownie and find out how you can cut down your meat and dairy consumption this month. 1.Start Meatless Mondays Meatless Mondays can be […]

5 new cookbooks to try out

Cooking fun and fresh food every day can be challenging, sometimes you just need a little food inspiration. That’s where the trusted cookbook comes in. Pinterest and the web can be handy but there is nothing quite like holding a dog-eared cookbook with endless possibility. Whether you like cookbooks with intricate recipes or just ones […]

How to eat all things pumpkin this season

In our last blog, we looked at the must-have in-season foods and it is no surprise that we noted pumpkin! It got us thinking about how we can benefit from all this pumpkin hype. Since the plump little orange things are only around for a short time we though we’d list how best to incorporate them […]

No Thanks! Foods you should avoid.

Life is full of choices. Your last step decides what your next step will be. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way in maintaining joy in your life. Consequently, we’ve charted out a few foods that you must avoid at all costs for a fit life. Fruit juices: “How could fruit juices be on […]

Make the most of the Eat Water Sixalicious Sale.

We as humans always want the best for the least. From Thanksgiving to Black Fridays, we wait patiently for days for the right deal to show up in our inbox. And we’d like to let you know such a mythical deal is now just a few days away from reality. We’re excited to announce the […]

Our favourite reality cookery shows.

Our favourite reality cookery shows. One simply has to switch on the TV and voila! A gazillion cooking shows seem to bombard you from every pixel of the screen. So, we’ve waded through the ocean of such shows to handpick the ones you simply shouldn’t miss. Disclaimer: Refrain from watching these if you are hungry […]

Hate hitting the gym? You can always try something different.

There is absolutely no reason to think that if you don’t hit the gym, you can’t stay fit. For those who don’t like working out in a gym, there are countless other options that are available to get in shape. Some of these alternatives aren’t even falling under the nomenclature of ‘Exercises’ to be exact. […]

An introduction to The Superfoods – The heroes of a healthy life.

Like the air we breathe, the water we drink, food is a survival thing. We cannot do without it. But unlike water and air, the need for food can be satisfied by an infinite variety of various food items to choose from. So, what do we eat ? That is the question. We are constantly […]

We decoded Game of Thrones characters, and found ourselves.

The best thing about the HBO hit-series Game of Thrones must be the interesting characters. The characters we come across in Game of thrones are well fleshed out with individualistic quirks and unique personalities of their own. Much like the people we come across in real life. Sure, there’s no one we could possibly know […]

What’s up Doc!

Cartoon characters are exaggerations. That’s what makes them attractive. The gooey faces, the funky expressions, the physics-defying stunts, they are all part of their charm. But, underneath their exaggerated outlook lies very human and relatable desires. And what desire is more human than the desire for food? Here are some Cartoon characters who are known […]

Foodalicious movies that celebrate life

What does a hearty meal and an entertaining film have in common? Well, apparently a lot. Food and cinema both pander to our ravenous senses. As far as enjoyable experiences go, dining at a favorite place and going out to movies remain a golden standard in any part of the world. The appreciation for good […]

Flex your way to fitness!

World Yoga Day just passed us by last week. In case you missed this opportunity to put that bright blue yoga mat to good use, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. And your neck and your joints. Here are a few easy to do poses that would help you discover the magic of yoga. Happy […]

Eat Water Nostalgia Diaries – Pasta Poetry

Paintings were born here, ingenious minds rattled for art The streets were narrow, but the city was filled with water It ran as veins of the city but was tranquil This was born a long time ago, Evolved through times and came into the books of English in 1874 Its birth name was in Greek […]

Eat Water Nostalgia Diaries – A Ballad To The Biscuit

They have a strong link to our childhood Our best memories are glued to those snack breaks It’s not just a fleeting story to think about while you’re tucked in your cubicle But also, a trip down a distant past and dwell in the reminiscence We have learned to become inquisitive when we hear the […]